About Us

Created to give modern do-ers what they truly crave, affordable workspaces. Ain't that the dream, bro?

Not Your Usual
Coworking Bullsh*t.

A new generation of workspaces.

Because There Really Aren't Enough Affordable Spaces To Get Sh*t Done!

Jerry was created for everyone - from students to working professionals to minions. To enjoy what really matters, which is quality workspace essentials.

Having a decent workplace shouldn't put a hole in your balance sheet.

How Do We Do It So
Damn Cheap ?

That’s because screw the mark-ups - we’re keepin’ it real. Basically, we took out everything you don’t actually need at a workspace and focus on what really matters: essentials like high-speed internet and a truly workable private office space.

Sorry, no Yoga Wednesdays here.

Here’s what we do differently

About Us

Significant savings for your business

With 70% more affordable workspaces
About Us

No commitment policy

Specially designed to reduce your business risks
About Us

Refundable Deposits

Deposits collected act as a reinstatement fee
About Us

No frills!

Our prices are as it is, no plot twist here
About Us

Productive work environment

We got you covered with every essential you need!
About Us

24/7 access to your office

Access anytime based on your work hours
About Us

Plans for Different Work Styles

Sign your team up on different plans based on usage
About Us

Room Modification

Now everyone can have their own office

Jerry is Everyone’s Workspace

Minus all the sh*t you hate about coworking.