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Guide to all your overly-asked questions.

Getting Started

1How do I sign up?
  1. Select a plan from our available packages here - plans and pricing page.
  2. Proceed to select your desired start date and add to cart.
  3. Fill in your details and make your payment.
  4. You will receive a welcome e-mail together with your details to access our space before your desired date.
  5. Voila. You’re now inside Jerry - time to get shit done!
1Does Jerry accept walk-ins?
Hate to break it to ya, we don't accept walk-ins as we like to keep things online. You can purchase your plans on our website here. If you prefer some human connections, our live chat remains at your disposal for all your questions and concerns.
1How do I contact you?
Email response times are currently longer than normal due to high volume. For immediate assistance, please contact us via live chat during operation hours from 9am to 6pm. Need help? Please visit our Contact Us page.
1Which plan is most suitable for me?
Day Pass - If you're coming in by yourself or with your friends and in need of a space for the day or here to check out the space before saying “I do” to us forever and ever - our Day Pass gives you access to a 1, 2 or 4 persons size workspace for a day from 9am to 6pm. So you can definitely scream, shout and get a lot of shit done.

Monthly Pass - Perfect for those who are looking to host their friends for a workathon or planting a HQ for your team, you get to choose between a 1 to 4 persons workspace with 24/7 access. The best part is, you can choose to use the space, a couple of weeks or long term and decide when to cancel your plan anytime in just a day’s notice.
1Is there a way I can try your products before I buy them?
Of course you can! Simply opt for an Day Pass (Private Workspace Day Pass) and experience the space for a whole day.
1Can I choose a particular workspace?
If you'd like to browse around for an workspace, there are 2 ways you can go about it:

First Option: Take a physical tour through a Day Pass (Private Workspace Day Pass). Experience the space for a whole day and while you're at it, take a tour around and pick an office you think would suit you and the team.

Second Option: Take a tour from our Virtual Tour for free. Navigate the space virtually through our Virtual Tour and pick a workspace you think would suit you and the team.

To choose your own workspace, kindly email us at about your enquiry and we will assist you. Room selection is subject to availability.

1Are there any hidden fees?
No plot twist here, our prices are as it is - so start believing what we say and add to cart. All utilities, maintenance and cleaning fees have been included in your daily / monthly plan.
1How will I be billed on a monthly basis?
If you've opted for more than a month on our Unlimited Plan, your remaining months will be billed to you on a monthly basis*. Here’s how it works:

a. Shop as you would: Your first payment will only be your first month with a one-off refundable deposit.**

b. Setup your Autopay: Once payment is made, you will receive an email to set up and activate your Autopay account for following months' recurring payment.

c. Billed on the 1st of every month: Monthly payment from your plan will be automatically deducted on the 1st of every month.

*1 Month = 31 Days
** Refundable Deposit: One-off payment of your monthly rate (no SST charged)

To put a picture on it, here’s how our monthly billing works.
1Can I choose a duration for Monthly Pass if it’s not exactly a full month?
<31 days - A Day Pass or a Prepaid Pass might be better for you instead.

≥ 31 days - A Monthly Pass would be perfect for you! Don’t worry about not staying for an exact interval of 31 days. The billing will be pro-rated according to your number of days after you hit the first 31 days. Jerry will reach out to you via email with the pro-rated amount for you to top up on.

Eg. If you’re looking to stay for 35 days, the 4 extra days will be pro-rated based on your Monthly Pass rate. Talk about a steal!
1Can I access the space anytime?
Day Pass: A day pass for you to use the space on weekdays, 9am to 6pm for a day only.
Monthly Pass: A dedicated workspace reserved under your name or company with 24/7 access.
1What if I am looking for a bigger workspace?
If you'd like to opt for a coworking office for more than 4 persons, feel free to contact us on our live chat or email us at and we will get in touch with you.

P.S. We only have a limited number of workspaces for these requests and it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Access Related Questions

1How do I access the space after I sign up?
Once you've purchased a plan, a welcome confirmation will be sent to you within minutes/the hour via email along with your dedicated pin code to access the main entrance and your assigned workspace door at Jerry.

When you arrive at Jerry, simply key in your pin code and you'll be granted access to all common areas and your office in the space.

For purchases made over the weekend, kindly allow the team to get back to you with all the details within one (1) working day. Rest assured, you will receive a welcome confirmation before your selected check-in date.

If you haven't received it, kindly reach out to us via our live chat for assistance.
1How do I get help at Jerry?
For immediate assistance, please contact us via live chat during operation hours from 9am to 6pm.

For emergencies, please contact us at +6018 213 8086
1What is Jerry's operating hours?
Our operating hours are from 9am to 6pm. However, our Unlimited Plan members can enjoy 24/7 access to their workspace.
1How do I renew my pin code?
Your pin code will only be valid based on your membership duration purchased. If you'd like to renew your pin code, kindly purchase a new plan here.
1Help! My pin code expired and I'm locked out of my room!
Pin codes are only valid based on your membership duration. If your pin code expires, it probably means your membership has timed out.

Don't worry, we know how fast time passes when we're busy. If you've left your belongings in the room, please contact us via live chat for immediate assistance. Our team will send you a one-time pin code to open the doors.
1How can I get the WiFi password?
The WiFi password is included in the welcome email sent to you after your purchase is confirmed. If you did not receive it, please feel free to contact us on our live chat here.
1What is the operation hour for the air-cond & lighting at Jerry?
The operation hour for the Air-cond and lightings at Jerry will be from Mon-Fri (9am - 6pm).
On Weekends there are no air-cond, whereas the lighting is not available at the common area. However, the lighting in your own private workspace is still under your control.


1What is the termination policy?
Termination is easy! To cancel within 24 hours, all you need to do is to send us an email at about your cancellation.

Don't go though :(
1What is your refund policy?
In the event you would like to apply for a refund or exchange, you may submit your request or complaint with reasons (if any), to . If the request or complaint is determined to be within reasonable means, you will be notified and you may then:

1) Apply for a full-refund (minus any transaction costs) provided the refund request is submitted at least 5 working days prior to check-in date.


2) Request an exchange for a similar product in nature and value. Exchange requests however are subject to availability and may require a change of your booking date(s).
1How much is the deposit fee?
Deposit is only required if you opt for our Unlimited Plan. Upon signing up, a one (1) month refundable deposit will automatically be added to your office agreement.

No deposit is required for Day Pass.
1When will my deposit be refunded when I leave?
Your refundable deposit will be refunded back to your bank account within 14 working days after your last day. To request your refundable deposit, simply fill out this form and our team will get in touch with you shortly.
1What is the reinstatement fee?
Yes, reinstatement fees are applicable only to Unlimited Plan members. The reinstatement fee varies depending on the room condition during your exit. For more information, kindly contact our team via our live chat here.
1Is there an exit fee?
Nope! No exit fee but it certainly does kill our exit-ment to not see you again. Geddit?

Payments & Membership

1How do I update my payment information for my monthly payment?
Kindly contact us via email at regarding your request. Our team will be more than happy to assist with updating your payment information.
1How can I change my billing address?
Kindly contact us via email at regarding your request. Our team will be more than happy to assist with updating your payment information.
1Do you accept cash payment?
No cash payment is allowed, we do accept Debit Card and eWallet payment (Credit Card payment option will be coming soon).
1When will I be billed?
Day Pass: You'll have to purchase a pass before entering the space on your desired date.

Monthly Pass (Monthly Payment): You'll be billed every 1st of the month for the usage of the following month.
1How will my membership be charged on Jerry?
Once you've signed up with us, you'll be required to fill out your payment details upon checkout. If you've chosen our Day Pass, the full payment will be collected upon checkout.

If you're opting for a Monthly Pass for more than a month,you'll only need to pay the first month + 1 month deposit to book your room. Our team will then send you an email to confirm the payment method for your recurring monthly payment and you'll be billed on the 1st of every month.
1Can Jerry receive parcels & mail?
Yes, this is only applicable forMonthly Pass members. Jerry can receive letters and notices in the dedicated mailbox at our main entrance which will be distributed every Friday. As for the packages, you should pick them up physically as the mailbox won't be able to accommodate them.
1How do I check out?
Simply pack up and go!

For the Monthly Pass (Private Workspace Monthly Plan) guests, the reinstatement fee is based on the condition of your room. Our team will contact you if there is a reinstatement fee to be deducted. If your overall room condition is good, the full deposit will be refunded to you within 14 working days.

How does Jerry's fully automated booking system work?