How to Guide

How to access our space? Here's the lowdown on how we work

  • 01

    Choosing a Plan

    Select a plan from our available packages here

    Browse through our Plans & Pricing page and pick a plan that suits your working style.

  • 02

    fill in your Details

    Once you've selected your desired plan, start date and the quantity you'd like to purchase, fill in your contact and payment details.

  • 03

    Make Your Payment

    Time to bring that wallet out! Here's how you'll be billed:

    Day Pass - Full payment will be collected upon checkout.
    Monthly Pass- If you've subscribed for more than a month, you'll be billed on a monthly basis - here's how it works.

  • 04

    Receiving A Confirmation

    Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your purchase. Your email will include:

    1. Assigned room number
    2. Pin Code to your assigned room
    3. WiFi password

  • 05

    Access The Space

    Come on over, your office is ready!

  • 06

    Get Pin Code

    Our entrance and rooms are secured by electronic locks with pin codes to open. You can find your pin code via the confirmation email we've sent to you. The pin code will be valid during the duration of your plan.

  • 07

    Entering the Space

    Enter the space by keying in your pin code on the lock at the entrance and simply push to go in. Look for your assigned room and key in the same pin code to access.

  • 08

    Getting the WiFi password

    You can find the WiFi password via the confirmation email as well.

  • 09

    Time to Get to Work!

    Voila! You're in and ready to start getting sh*t done! Enjoy your room and access to all common areas and our amenities!

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